Sun Valley, Nevada , USA


Hello from Northern Nevada!

My name is Tim but I go by Timothy on the air so people don't confuse me for Jim or Kim or Ken or some other random name that isn't mine.

I may not talk much, but if I am awake, I'm probably listening. I always monitor the SNARS Linked System, 146.520, and usually the SNARS DMR talkgroup (31328). I really enjoy making simplex contacts, even though I'm only a tech and am pretty much limited to 2m and 70cm. It can be challenging to make contact without the repeaters living in such a mountainous area. But that's what makes it more fun! I do try to keep a logbook of my contacts but since I drive for a living and often can't log them immediately, and I'm absolutely terrible at remembering callsigns, I often fail to make log entries.

If you spot my Land Rover say hi! I'll be listening and I'd love to hear from you!

I recently added a blog sort of thing to this site. You'll find random the things I'm doing, some videos, and other random little updates in it. It's in the site navigation at the top or left of the site.

73, w7lte

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at tim@w7lte.com!